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It always disappointed Kerry that Lomian never said “I love you.” He held fast to the belief that the obsession was mutual, and that someday, Lomian would feel free enough from his inhibitions to return the sentiments. Kerry was aware that he was overly sappy, too sweet, and sometimes too needy, but there was nothing he could do to change the way he was. There was love in his heart, and he would be damned if he would let anybody keep him from showing it.

He presumed that Lomian was not deterred by his sunny character since Lomian had been the one who had first dubbed him ‘Sunshine’ back when they were pre-teens. The pet name had started out as ‘Super Sunshine Jellyfish Sucker’ after he had taken a chin-dive at the beach into the body of a stranded, throbbing invertebrate. The rest of the name had been gradually dropped, but Sunshine had remained and was now his pseudonym. Lately, when Lomian uttered the name, Kerry’s optimistic brain interpreted it as an endearment equivalent to the most romantic of all declarations of love.

He sighed and tapped the face of the alarm clock on the shelved headboard. “It’s after noon. I should go run some errands.”

“What’s on the agenda for today?” Lomian asked. His dark, stylishly spiked hair was sticking up at odd angles. His normally taciturn eyes were a warm brown.

“I haven’t put our checks in the bank, yet, or checked the mail. We’re out of cookies and peanut butter.” He sat up, hoping Lomian would stop him and reciprocate the blowjob, but benevolent silence was the response.

Every Saturday night and the fourth Sunday of each month, they were professional wrestlers who entertained thousands of cheering fans in the Cross Coliseum. The remainder of the time, they did odd jobs or simply hung out at the apartment. They were young, beautiful, supremely talented, and full of vivacious energy, a combination that made them huge draws for the SCWF.

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