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Crime and Diaper Punishment

Sofia Bane

Copyright June 2012, Sofia Bane

Smashwords Edition

It was three a.m., the bar had just closed, and I realized how badly I needed a piss before walking home.

I was walking down an alley, a shortcut home, and it was dark and secluded and safe. I was also fairly drunk and uninhibited, so that’s how this happened next. I don’t normally piss in public, not before this.

I paused next to a dumpster and unzipped. God, I was full of beer and piss. I took out my dick and pissed with massive relief in the dumpster’s shadow. The puddle splattered and I almost groaned with relief.

Then, behind me – “Hey!” The concentrated beam of a flashlight swung across me, they alley, the piss at my feet. Fuck.

I couldn’t even stop, was too drunk and had to go too badly, so I just called over my shoulder, “Yeah?”

Public urination.” A police officer approached, grabbed one shoulder roughly. “I should have you charged with indecent exposure.”

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