The moss-covered forest floor was soft beneath Jenny’s bare feet. She passed from shadow into a transient shaft of light, holding her hand out to catch the beam. She followed the light upwards to where the giant trees merged, seeming to stretch endlessly beyond her vision. Jenny knew they didn’t really, as she had been looking down on them only moments earlier.

Make sure you keep your glider safe,’ Andy had said. He was always looking out for her. She smiled quietly at him while he talked, watching the movement of his lips; enjoying the lurking humour behind his dark eyes. She gently brushed a loose strand of long brown hair behind an ear, thinking. Some of the memories that worked made her sure that he was her brother. It was hard to tell, but he was always so supportive when he was there.

The forest felt ancient; time radiated from the giant girths of the trees. It seemed a shame that she was going to carve a swath through this peacefulness, but her questing moved her beyond regret for a destroyed forest.

Her concession to the trees, her penance to them, was to scout through on foot first. She suffered a personal discomfort for them while choosing a direction that would cause the least amount of damage. The forest made her happy, and she spent some time quietly saying goodbye, feeling their cold strength through her fingers. Her small form made hardly a sound, and if Andy had not been whispering to her, his passage would have been equally silent.

Their skin was so pale it almost glowed. In Andy’s case, Jenny assumed it was because he was dead. For her part, it was because she had been forever locked away in her room. Kept safe from the dangerous world beyond, until an event that shattered both her mind and the imprisoning barriers. She wished she knew what had happened.

She had awoken to a world without reason, with an empty mind, and no-one to answer her questions. No-one except Andy.

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