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Jo's guardians must have found her wrapped in an old Daily Telegraph under old tea leaves and rotting potato peelings. They will have wiped her free of tea stains and thought, Finders Keepers. They’ll have tried to make her their own but they’ll never have made her whole because Jo still bleeds from having her other half ripped off. She will share the pain of parting. She will know what it is to have grown up without her reflection.

Jo is the twin sister Amanda has never seen, except in her mind's eye. It's in spiritual terms that Jo is most clearly defined. Jo's spirit is pearly-pink or green or blue. Iridescent. Amanda thinks every person has a psychic colour, although she’s not sure she has one of her own.

She can't remember when she first became aware of that naked feeling all around her, that wind-chill sometimes to her left, sometimes to her right, but always spelling out the same lonely message: something is missing. Someone is missing. Jo. She no longer knows where the coast ends and where the sea begins with herself and Jo.

Jo is her twin sister she has never seen. But she has seen her stepsister most days, for nearly ten years. She and Angie have been growing towards each other over time and today they’re not so unalike, though they have different surnames because her own mother, Rosalind, and stepfather, Neville, have never married. Neville's soul is sort of brownish in colour, but a nice unimposing brown, a bit like the man.

Neville is an antique dealer. Rodney, the twins' real father was a lawyer when he was alive with an apt surname – Court - also her birthright. Rodney Court interests her a great deal because her mother rarely discusses him. She dismisses him in an instant. “It's so long ago now, Amanda, I simply can't remember.” Or, “The past is dead and buried. What's the point of raking it up?” Consequently Rodney has developed rather a green spirit - the colour of mystery and summer ponds. Or perhaps unripeness or verdigris. Her mother's redness naturally complements Rodney's green. Red is a colour that attracts and after Rodney died, her mother had another lover before settling for Neville. But for every male admirer, her mother has lost the equivalent in female friendship. She has never been your Coffee Morning or Tupperware Party person and as she isn't working she has few new routes to company.

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