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Shades of Vanity

P. Garrett Weiler

Copyright 2012 by P. Garrett Weiler

Smashwords Edition



P. Garrett Weiler

In the cool isolation of the big silver-sided Greyhound, Leland drowsily pondered his past. In the bus, desperation and disappointment were no more than a distant, barely heard echo.

A Readers’ Digest article had promised him that he’d be more acceptable to others if he showed interest in their opinions and ideas. So it was that one afternoon after work he sat in “Tanks’ Town” with a burly co-worker everybody called “Mush.”

“This round’s on me,” Leland shouted over the blaring jukebox. “So, what’s going to happen now that Eisenhower’s teeing off at the big steel outfits?”

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