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Smashwords Edition of Cupcake of Love, by Naomi Kramer. Published 2010.

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Cupcake of Love

Love ISN’T!” declaimed Kyle, gesturing grandiloquently and – in general – making a complete arse of himself.

“Huh?” slurred his flatmate Lachlan, bleary-eyed.

“There’s no such thing,” explained Kyle. “It all makes sense now.”

“Ohhhh…” said Lachlan. “Go to sleep, ya bugger”

But Kyle was hungry. He grabbed another cupcake from the fridge and broke a piece off. Chocolate… not exactly original, was it? But oh, so good! That bakery downstairs was bloody fantastic. He started to break off another piece, and paused. A corner of folded white paper was sticking out of the cupcake where he’d broken the original piece off. He pulled it out, scattering a few crumbs over their already-grotty carpet.

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