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April – The Travelling Fair

May – Going South

June – Collision

July – November – Lost Time

December – End of an Era


Jeanne Robards had low expectations for the show, and life in general. Being widowed at 23 had affected her outlook and she only attended because the performance was free and her son had hounded her into it. Very little happened in their community and this travelling magician’s visit broke the monotony if nothing else. Around 40 people attended his outdoor performance as he stood atop a market stall in the village and came straight out with some elaborate spiel. Jeanne was uninspired by his otherworldly speech as he attempted to build up an atmosphere, telling them he was taking them on a journey beyond their imaginations. She looked at Paul and saw he and the other children were lapping it up, which was the important thing. It didn’t make any difference how good the show was as she had not brought any money with her and would not be contributing to his hat.

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