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Intimate Massage for Daddy

By Roderick Winsor

Copyright 2012 Roderick Winsor

Derek leaned back in his recliner as he screwed off the top of his beer bottle. It had been a long week down at the construction site, but he’d managed to persevere through the burning June heat. He wore some shorts and a loose t-shirt, and it felt so nice to just relax for a day in light clothing and let his muscles rest for a while. It was Father’s Day, and his wife was away on a business trip, leaving him home alone with his attractive stepdaughter Sarah.

Derek got married to his wife ten years ago, and Sarah was just 8 years old then. He tried his best to raise her as his own, but in the last couple years it got harder to ignore her development into womanhood. Her cute face was accentuated by her striking blue eyes and light brown long hair. Her breasts had swollen to a fantastic 34D, even larger and shapelier than his wife’s. And most of all she never felt like wearing much in the heat of summer, so it was common for Derek to see his stepdaughter waltz around the home in nothing but a t-shirt and underwear. The 18-year old recently seemed to realize the effect she had on her stepfather, and would take every opportunity to remind him of her charms. She would lean down a lot so he could see her ample cleavage, and part her legs just wide enough so he could be her panties beneath her skirt. With the stresses or work and the tension at home, he felt himself quickly reaching a breaking point.

Here you are, Daddy,” said Sarah as she energetically bounded into the room. She was wearing very tight short shorts and a low-cut blue camisole. From the way her ample chest jiggled, it was obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra, and her nipples were poking against the fabric

Oh, were you looking for me?” Derek asked as he took a swig of his beer, trying his best to keep his eyes off her.

Yeah, I wanted to wish you a happy Father’s Day,” she said and produced a small white envelope. “This is for you.”

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