Peters Middle School By: Allen K. Phillippe

Peters Middle School

A book by Allen Kent Phillippe

Copyright by Allen Phillippe 2006

Foreword to Peters Middle School

By: John Dolson

Allen asked me to read his book, while also asking if I knew anyone who could format it and type the words, as he had written the work in pencil. I didn’t tell him I would digitize the work, as I knew what a task that would be, and didn’t want to fully commit my time.

Allen also asked me to critique his work, to render an opinion as to the commercial nature of the work.

So, I approached the book Peters Middle School much like we all approached the beginning of this work, with an attitude of trying to do the impossible, trying to discover the best way to fulfill what seemed to all us teachers as an impossible mandate.

The art of teaching all students individually, according to their own rate, was the process we all tried to discover in the beginning years of Peters Middle School. None of the teachers involved had been trained in this method, and few had the raw passion to learn, but all made a mighty effort to find some way to achieve cohesiveness in the faculty that could be translated to better teaching for all students.

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