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Two’s Company | Love Again: a Woman’s Journey

by Hélène Pascal

Published as an ebook by Amolibros at Smashwords 2012

About this book

Poignant, whimsical, funny, this chronicle describes what it feels like to be looking for love in your sixties, when you look back at your past experiences and wonder: could I live up to a new challenge? Would I make the same mistakes? Could I be happy with a man at last?

Whatever our age, we want to share, talk, laugh with someone; we need touch, sex, closeness; and we also need a witness: we have so much to give still, and balk at the prospect of the rest of our lives going unrecorded in another’s gaze, feeling wasted.

This book reflects on solitude, yearning, ageing, with the fear of no longer being thought attractive; it reflects on childhood, and how we learn about love, our dreams and first experiences. But it mainly describes the author’s meetings with men, and those were mostly brief on a background of hope, where Madame Bovary meets Bridget Jones in what could often be called a comedy of errors…

Male or female, whatever your age, if you are alone and pining for love, this book is about you.

With her background in psychology and counselling, Hélène Pascal is uniquely able to relate her search for love with an insight and a depth of feeling that will move hearts, added to a wicked sense of humour born of natural feistiness and experience.

“I know that when I think of love, it is often with the heart of a child…”

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