Will she embrace this reaction that has come over her or will their weekend of passionate sex lead to something more?

Wanting - Jade had this dream before, yet each time the dream was more explicit, enticing and erotic. Every time she woke from her seductive dream, she would replay the memory so fresh on her skin. There in her dreams she saw the man of her recent desires. His thick dark-brown hair styled professionally yet it held that sexy bad-boy appeal. His honey-brown eyes that would light up when he first gazes his eyes upon her. The creamy tan complexion of his skin that holds all the muscles his tall body frame displays. He was a corporate centerfold mixed with bad-boy desire.

This vision of his naked body replayed in her mind with a tantalizing thought of what it would really feel like to touch his skin, run her fingers through his hair, letting the palms of her hands run over the length of his chest and letting the sensation rush over her with the feel of adrenaline.

Will her desires be fulfilled or will the man of her dreams escape her reality?

A Wild Ride - Passionate glances and short words exchanged were not the sexual satisfaction they were looking for. They both needed an explosive exchange of primal carnal sex to suffice their desires. What happens when their bodies ignite with passion and nothing stops them from pure sensual satisfaction? A willing desire to have more. It was as if they could not get enough of each other sexually in one night. Unsure of her own feelings she finds herself on a wild ride. Will he find her and bring her to the brink of submission that this passion they have should be ignited with sexual sparks and her satisfied smile is all that matters to him?

Intense - When a woman sees something she wants, that the desire drives her so insanely wild she will do just about anything when she gets it, she will succumb. Even if she must be a submissive lover, far different from her dominate nature. This one man, who electrified her at first look, leads her to such an intense euphoric feeling that her body electrifies from the overload from the carnal sensations that take over her body.

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