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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: “The Safest Kind of Breech” by Marion Toepke McLean

Chapter 2: “A Happy Collaboration” by Joni Nichols

Chapter 3: “Bruno’s Birth Story” by Ada da Silva

Chapter 4: “Midwifery Model of Care: On Breech Birth” by Carol Gautschi

Chapter 5: “Pushing of Breech” by Elizabeth Smith

Chapter 6: “Thoughts on Breech Birth” by Gloria Lemay

Chapter 7: “A Not-So-Lost Art” by Danniele Carlisle

Chapter 8: “Instinctual Breech Birth” by Sandra Morningstar

Chapter 9: “Breech Birth from a Primal Health Research Perspective” by Michel Odent

Chapter 10: “Miracle Birth” by Marlene Waechter

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