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Becoming Human in the Cosmos

The Purpose and Ultimate Destiny of Human Life

By Eric (Lee) Hazelle

Copyright 2011 Eric (Lee) Hazelle

Smashwords Edition

Table of Contents: 1

Introduction 2-12

Chapter #1: The Eschatological Outlook: Think Like God 13-26

Chapter #2: The Meaning of Life and Religion 27-44

Chapter #3: The Plan, and Agency 45-69

Chapter #4: God and Heaven 70-102

Chapter #5: Hell and Evil 103-127

Chapter 6: Human Life 128-156

Chapter #7: Becoming Female in the Cosmos 157-172

Chapter #8: The Cosmos 173-202

Chapter #9: Our Best Friends and Teachers 203-218

Chapter #10: Becoming Human in the Cosmos 219-249

Bibliography 250-253


I dedicate this book first to my mother, who, when I was a kid gave me pencils and paper for birthdays and Christmas and told me, “Write!” I would rather have had a baseball glove, but, here it is, mom: I wrote. And thanks for all you did for me.

Second, I dedicate it to Alexander Solzhenitsyn whose passing has left Russia, and the world, without a conscience. His wisdom begins and finishes this work, and graces it throughout.

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