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Copyright 2012 Michael Cargill

Chapter 1

Hugh walked into the park and made his way along the path, until he came to a bench. Unlike most people, Hugh didn’t view nature as being particularly beautiful or attractive, he just found it interesting to watch the squirrels that scrabbled their way up trees, the sparrows that pecked at the ground, the children squealing in delight as pigeons feasted on mouldy bits of bread, the fox chasing a rabbit, the worms being ripped out of the ground by foraging birds, the lion feasting on an exhausted gazelle, the creaking, splitting sound of a felled tree, and the whine of rusted hinges on an old dustbin lid.

It was all the same to him.

Boredom was the only thing that had brought him here, something that happened on a fairly regular basis, and the fact that the park was a public place afforded him the unexpected bonus of anonymity. The presence of so many people meant that it was easier for him to ignore them, and in that respect it was similar to the Internet, except that the park had more bird shit.

He turned his head slightly to the right, and then shifted his eyes so he could get a good look at the girl sitting about a foot away from him. An earphone was jammed into the side of her head, whilst her hair was dyed a solid, bright red colour and fell down to her shoulders in a way that exuded an aura of sex. Her nose had a small piercing in it, not much more than a silver zit on the left nostril. Her fingers dabbled and swept nimbly over the front of her smartphone, something that piqued his interest. He couldn’t actually see what was on her screen, but that wasn’t what he was looking at; her fingers had a deftness to them that could be put to better use if they were fondling and caressing him as they lay naked in bed.

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