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This book is a work of fiction and all characters are fictitious or are portrayed fictitiously.

Published in the United States of America

ISBN 978 1 494 26758 2


I would like to thank Robert A.V. Jacobs and my husband William Dawson, whose invaluable assistance made the publishing of this book in cover form not only possible, but a better read.


As my second adventure is put into print I want to clarify the time period of the story. Years have passed since these events took place, and technology has made leaps and bounds since then. For example, having a cell phone would have changed everything.

If you realize how different communication was in the 1990’s, you can understand why the situations you are going to read about developed.

Chapter One

It is interesting how different it is being in the hospital as a visitor, rather than showing up as an employee. Hospitals have been a part of me for more than half of my life. I have walked endless miles in their corridors. They have become a part of who I am. It is secure and friendly walking up and down the halls of an obstetrical ward, listening to the sounds, smelling the familiar odors of the cleaning solutions, the coffee brewing in both the staff and patient care lounges. Gone are the days of the unpleasant odors of ether and strong disinfectants. The pain and anxiety of childbirth gives way to the lusty cries of the newborn. Hospital obstetrical units have been my second home.

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