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>To Dad: A Fathers Day message

Prologue: Glen Dappert passed away at age 80, a victim of Alzheimer’s disease. I was able to give this article to him for fathers’ day ten years before he died, so he could know how I felt about him. I gave it to him in a brown envelope, and then left before he read it. He never mentioned the story; I can only hope he understood I loved him.

Dad never had any influence on my life; but he was always there

Mom took care of feeding, caring for, washing for, and raising my three sisters and myself. She did all the work. But; Dad was always there.

It was Mom who talked to my teachers, helped with the PTA, played piano for me when I sang at church, put me to bed, taught me to tie my shoes, and washed my face and behind my ears. But; Dad was always there.

When I was eleven, Mom died in an accident. My oldest sister took over the responsibilities of caring for an eleven-year-old boy, besides taking care of her own daughter—she really had her hands full. But; Dad was always there.

I didn’t feel the full impact of losing Mom for many years because of all the loving sisters who were older and did much for me, as well as many neighbors who took me to ball games and other activities with their children. Even though I realize now Dad was going through a very rough time, I never felt his pain, though he was always there.

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