I scowled and dropped the pen, folding my arms across my chest instead.

Hey Tyler,’ Rachel said softly from behind me and I leaned back to glance at her. ‘You going to Name Withheld on Saturday?’

I shrugged. ‘Unlikely. Why?’

There’s someone I wanted you to meet.’ She looked upset. Rachel moved to our school only four or five weeks ago and immediately hit it off with Josh. When she realised I’m gay – not a hard thing to do, as I’ve been out since forever – she started trying to set me up with gay kids from her old school, reckoning she was something of a matchmaker. So far, I’ve refused to even meet up with any of them. ‘He’s really hot,’ she added hopefully.

I laughed. ‘Sorry Rach.’

You know he’s already spoken for,’ Josh said, smirking so I wanted to slap him.

Shut up,’ I hissed, genuinely angry, but that only made him happier that he’d succeeded in annoying me and he winked at Rachel in triumph. ‘Fuck it. I’ll come,’ I said, shocking both of them.

The bell finally rang as soon as the words were out of my mouth and I gathered up my books and bolted before either of them could say anything. I shoved my way through the teeming hallway and, with a quick glance over my shoulder, ducked in behind one of the prefabs, which was pushed up against a perimeter wall to form a small enclosed space. There were drinks cans and cigarette butts scattered on the ground, and I put my school bag down against the wall of the prefab and leaned against it with my arms crossed.

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