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"Princess, if you work those thighs out any more I think Deena might be in danger of her life," Ghaavn grinned.

The effect of the responsive and suggestive smirk on her face was ruined by the state of her sable body armour. Being a tall, strong and insolently curved black-clad amazon of Titan looks good. Being covered in pustulent green demon juices, not so much.

"So where is your educated 'friend' then, love?" she asked, holdering her hand out for her weapon and looking down at the somewhat shorter, similarly clad man.

Ghaavn passed her the smelly knife, holding the hilt so as to avoid anything disturbing still on the blade. Unlike his partner, the dark-skinned, midnight-haired man had managed to retain a rather more stylish martial appearance. He also smelled rather nicer, if you didn't count a healthy sheen of sweat. There was nary a hair out of place in his ponytail, somehow still curled around its cylindrical wooden fastener. His body armour was also devoid of both ichor and diabolically inflicted damage. Neither did it have the two knives sheathed over the left breast that his partner displayed. Unlike Bulays, Ghaavn did have a holster on his right hip. The resting place for the wicked looking bolt-throwing device in his right hand.

"Apparently there has been another sighting of the Ghost Girl Of Ganymede. So Schteve is off playing spook hunter. A good thing, too. Anti-diabolist combat missions wouldn't be good for his health. Better to leave the more corporeal monsters to us."

A sudden gust of wind swirled the grey stale dust of this back end of Barnes' street around them. A chittering noise carried with the wind. Alerted by the sound, Bulays spun, lashing out with her knife. Her partner, unperturbed, pointed at her weapon as Bulays realised the result of this reflex action.

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