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Four left feet led to two hearts that skipped a beat, as the melody of love washed over them with each dance.

Sophia planned a romantic night for herself and Dale. Quarter to seven was the time that read on the small alarm clock next to their bed.

Emerald green lace teddy with thong would be the present Sophia was going to start the evening with for Dale.

Hearing key into front door lock of their apartment, she knew Dale would unwrap her sexy package soon.

Dale opened the door and started to sniff the air. Two distinct smells teased that nose, for it was a mixture of baked ziti and Sophia’s favorite fragrance, Pink Rose.

Pink Rose had seduced Dale the first night they shared in bed. Dale smiled and walked into the kitchen, for it was obvious that Sophia had big plans for them this night.

Taking jacket off, Dale placed it upon the back of the wooden kitchen chair. Rubbing hands together, Dale couldn’t resist getting an eye on that sumptuous supper Sophia prepared for them.

Sophia peeked around the corner from their bedroom and saw Dale licking lips with drool over this homemade meal. “I knew you’d be unable to resist a peek at my treats for you”.

Dale chuckled and wrapped arms around Sophia’s waist, “You make me want to come home early every night, Sophia”.

Sophia’s lips were glistening with strawberry gloss, as she kissed Dale and laughed, “Ziti is only the beginning, my love”.

“Damn, baby, you smell so good” Dale ran both hands along those curvy hips slowly.

“Oooh, and your hands are just the remedy to get the night started just right, lover” Sophia pouted playfully, as she backed away from Dale’s grasp, “So, do you like my gift?”

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