Troy DeNuthe’s World of Ice Cubes

by Troy DeNuthe, Shawn “Sned” Pierson, and Alyson Tarquinio

Copyright ©2012


This is a work contains some elements of fiction. Some names, characters, events and incidents may be either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblances to actual persons, living or dead; to actual institutions, extant, defunct or otherwise disposed; or to actual events is entirely coincidental or fictional.

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Acknowledgments and Background Information

People who tell you you can’t write a book are full of shit, because I did it and your reading it right now. My friend Sned and I were packing steamers all weekend (I was doing the packing and he was the steambat), then we were sitting on his porch on that Sunday night, and Sned was like “I want to use you in my book as a character.” I was thrilled, until he told me it was about clowns, and I thought he was going to make me a clown, so I told him he could only write me as a character if I’m not a clown. Welll then the book came out, and the clowns were getting all the hot chicks, and Troy was just a lameass business guy who didn’t get any play at all and didn’t even have an important part in the book! Just like an “extra” character on tv! So why bother to ask me? Its horseshit. I think this was intentional by my “friend” Sned, so when I complained to him, he promised to help me write this book. It is called “collaboration” but really like 70/30 divisions of the work, wiith me as 70% maybe more. Actually, my girlfriend Alyson Tarquinio also contributes some few comment, so I’ts more like 70/29/1% or something like that. So fuck you Sned, and thank you for helping me rite this book. Please everybody enjoy it, and you will discover the wornderful world of icecubes.

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