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Who is this for and why did I write it?

Some students will already have a clear idea of how their dissertation will look. If so, fantastic. Go for it. This is not for you.

This is for the many who sit in a series of lectures all dedicated to their dissertation and think WTF? Yes, the lecturers speak in English, but it might as well be Portuguese with a Glaswegian accent for all the sense it is making. If that's you, this might help.

Why did I write it? When I wrote my masters dissertation 12 years ago, I was, as Victoria Wood put it "bamboozled by long syllables" issuing from the mouths of my lecturers. Now, I am not thick. My IQ in in the high 130s. I am also intensely practical. And there were all these academics swanning about talking about methodologies and other jargon without worrying whether we knew what they meant or not.

When the penny finally dropped, I realised how essentially simple the format of a dissertation is. However, the actual practical part of writing the dissertation may not be. The word-processing software might prove your biggest hurdle to successful completion. I am a writer. I do it for a living, well, scratch that, I don’t earn any money, but I treat it like a job. I know how to make Word do what I want. Most students know how to play Skyrim but not how to change the page numbering format in a Word document.

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