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Gehru, the White Shark”

(The Adventures of Gehru and Jorka)

By Don Swann II

Copyright © Don Swann II 2012

Revision: 12/2014, 11//2014, 6/2013

Candice Wanca, Editor

Fourth Edition

Published by Fatt Wallet Projects/Lil’ Tales Publications at Smashwords

I dedicate this book to my Great Niece Kylie, whom reminds me each day why the world is such a place full of wonder and hope, allowing me to see the world through fresh eyes, each day with the innocence, joy, and appreciation we adults sometimes over look.

In a wonderful place of water filled dreams, with the prettiest designs made of vibrant colors, were the curious looking creatures that lived beneath the sea, dazzling the eyes of on lookers above. They came in many shapes and sizes, living all over the seas. They were amazing sights to be seen with their fish eyed looks and puffy cheeks, as they swam in their scaly fins from the shallowest ponds, to the deepest depths of the many different shades of the bluest seas.

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