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The ‘Gay Beef’ Series

“Hung, Hard U.S Rangers”

3 Short, Erotic Fantasies

Marc Franco

Copyright 2012 by Marc Franco

Smashwords Edition


All characters contained in this work are aged 18 or over and all sexual activity was entered into of the participants own free will


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#1: Much More than just Sex

Time was, that a man was not a man until he spent a week in the woods, in the middle of nowhere, living off the land and finding and killing his own food. I can tell you right now, that was not I. I lived in the lap of luxury, with maids, butlers, tutors and even three gardeners. I had what you’d call a blessed life. I was known as the gay playboy, and spent every weekend partying and having sex at our beach house on the cape. I found myself waking up every morning with a different guy in my bed. Just another product of liquor and drug abuse, and I was relishing in it, and there was nothing anyone could do about.

My parents were never around, always flying off to my charity or another, and they had no idea their little boy was gay, and probably wouldn’t have cared, if they had known. Mom was one of those ladies that was constantly on the go, and didn’t want to be a mother anyway. Fortunately for me, she never even tried. Dad on the other hand was never in the picture, and only stopped by to hand my mom a cheque and spend holidays with us. I guess it was not much of a marriage to speak of. There was no love in the home, and I was raised by a nanny or should I say a manny. I actually lost my cherry to him. He and I were always playing, and no one was around on the west wing of the house, and one thing led to another, and well, lets just say, we found comfort in each others bed. I did have relations with a girl in college, but it was awkward and I didn’t find it as exciting as being with a guy. Oh, sure she was hot, in a Megan Fox kind of way, but she just never did anything for me. Even when I had her in my bed, I always fantasized about other hot college guys I had seen during the day. I sure fooled her though, I became known as the stud on campus. Many other girls had a shot with me, but mostly we just had oral sex together. I just did not want to do anything else with a girl.

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