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The Queen's Diamond Jubilee

Sixty Years of Secrets and Scandals

By Michael James

Copyright 2012 Michael James

Smashwords Edition

It is difficult to decide where to begin, there are so many quirks and peculiarities surrounding the Queen and her family, so I will start with one of the most asked questions, what is in the Queen’s handbag?

The public image of the Queen is not complete without the classic Launer handbag on her arm, it is said that she carries lucky charms which relate to her love of dogs and horses, the charms were given to her by her children. There are also family photos, which one assumes, help to brighten her day between boring engagements.

As the Queen does not normally need to carry money she does not have a purse, but whenever she goes to church she usually carries a carefully folded £5.00 note for the collection. Other things that she does not carry are passport, driving licence and keys, the Queen does not need either passport or driving licence and wherever she goes there is always someone to greet her so she never faces a locked door.

There will also be reading glasses and a fountain pen, sometimes she may carry lozenges to protect her throat and also keep her breath fresh. Ladies in waiting will carry bags with any extras that could possibly be needed in the course of her busy schedule. One rather unusual item in the Queen’s bag, is a suction cup with a hook the Queen sticks this to the underside of a table to hang her bag on.

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