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Well here it is, at last. We know what you're thinking. We said it would be out in 2009… Blame it on the cows.

John dreamed up the idea for our Dime Store Novel series several years ago while running a "Call of Cthulhu" campaign and we have been working on stories ever since. The plan is to publish each story individually in a small book, similar to the Penny Dreadfuls published back in the day. Each Dime Store Novel will revolve around a set of recurring characters.

OK, a little about this book. The swamp eats its dead. Enough said.

The main character in the story, Swampy, is a very unique person. He had his beginnings in the stories John's dad told about people who lived in the back woods. We also added a big splash of Dad in it. Lee Miller loved and respected nature and gave us a chance to fully see it through his blind eyes.

Swampy's dog Boo is Boo. He was originally inspired by a Catahoula Hound Rachelle met on Twitter (for those who don't know, Twitter is a popular hangout for dogs and cats). As Boo evolved, he became a composite of dogs we have had in our lives. We promise that you will see more of him.

We could talk more about all the other characters in the book, but we think it's better that you learn about them through their own voices. Some characters you'll meet only briefly, and since they can't talk yet, you'll have to wait for a future book to learn what they think. But as we publish more of the stories in this series, we hope you will learn to love them as much as we do.


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