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The Endless Nightmare


Laura Godsafe

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The Endless Nightmare

Copyright © 2012 by Laura Godsafe

Scene opens to Eleanor sitting near the window, staring outside.

The room’s quite dingy, isn’t it? I hate being in this room because it gets so musty all the time. The light seems to shrink away as if there is a black hole sucking everything in until eventually all the light in the world disappears.

It gets quite lonely, too. People come and go, but I never quite know what to say to them. They only drop in on me because they feel sorry for me, I’m sure. Even my family don’t know what to say around me. Well, what’s left of my family. All I have now is a few grand-daughters. That sounds so ungrateful, I know. But I’m not particularly close to them. I have a brother, too. He’s in a nursing home, a few miles away, but we rarely communicate. He’s been pretty much bed-bound since he had that nasty fall where he damaged his hip and back. I did drop in on him, though, before…

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