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Bleachers in the Bedroom: the

Swampoodle Irish and Connie Mack

By John J. Rooney

Copyright © John J. Rooney 2012

Published by The Educational Publisher at Smashwords

ISBN: 978-1-62249-014-1



Chapter 1. The Ladder to the Bathroom Skylight

Chapter 2 . The Enchantment of Old Swampoodle

Chapter 3. Rooftop Stands for the World Series

Chapter 4. An Old-Timer Checks Out the Modern Game

Chapter 5. First Friday with Cantaloupe

Chapter 6. My Mentor, Ronald Reagan

Chapter 7. The Flivver, the Trolley and Freihofer's Horse

Chapter 8. Sea Monster in the Coal Bin

Chapter 9. Chewing Gum Wrappers and Bottle Tops

Chapter 10. Sportsmanship and One-up-manship

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