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In Praise of Simply Spirit

Simply Spirit reminds of the valuable practice and style of the existentialists like Irvin Yalom.

— Dr. Hajiazim, Psychiatrist

Simply Spirit is an extraordinary work that is so clearly inspired. I know this because it takes me to a nameless, formless place within me that resonates quietly as I read and ponder. I must admit that I am spell bound by the notion that "Behind every feeling of fear is a seed of love." That is germinating in me deeply as it resonates with my own conviction about the essence of transformation as the release of fear into love. But to honour fear as the genesis and teacher - this is a new and compelling direction for me to move. Thank you again for the gift of this new insight.

— Prof. Michael Hryniuk, Theologian, Author and Educator

Just when I thought I had seen it all, read it all and heard it all in the realm of spiritual literature, I came across Simply Spirit by Joseph Eliezer. Unapologetic and edgy, yet deeply comforting and inspiring, this book jolted me into a whole new level of consciousness. I love it here.

— Liora Steiman, MD, MEd, Therapist

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