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Office Romp

DS Delacroix
Published by DS Delacroix at Smashwords
Copyright 2012 DS Delacroix

Jeremy hated his boss. God, she’s such a bitch, he thought. He could see her over the cube wall, yelling into the phone. Even though the office door was closed, he could still hear her. She was pacing behind her desk, punching the air with her long, red nails. He could tell by her eyes that she was tearing someone a new one.

He couldn’t believe her. She knew that he had plans that night. But, oh no, she didn’t care.

Jeremy, I need you to stay late tonight. We really need to get crunching on that AM Foods account. I want to be thoroughly prepared by morning.” He was too shocked and angry to say a word. It was 6:05 and he was still seething, pissed off at her lack of concern. He finished the report and got up to go show it to her. Maybe she would let him leave now.

She was just getting off of the phone as he walked in to her office. He stopped at the door and knocked on the wood with his knuckles. “Come in,” she said, not even looking up from her desk. He turned the knob and pushed the door open, walking in to her spacious office.

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