“I like your “little primer”; it’s a quick read that shows how to get published! These are exciting times for new authors. ” (Jean-Christie, blog comment)


Attention writer! Any of the following sound familiar?

  • Already been published but sales and opportunities are fading?

  • Have struck out trying to find a traditional print publisher?

  • Heard of Print on Demand and other forms of self-publishing but are wary of costs?

  • But still aching to get your work into readers’ hands?

Well, take heart. You can do so right now in an extremely inexpensive yet effective way. It's called electronic publishing and as you read this, millions of people all over the world are enjoying e-books, using an e-reader like an iPhone, a Kindle or a Nook or their computer screen.

So...why aren't they reading your work? They're reading mine. I'm a multi-published mystery author who turned my mystery novels into instant cash as e-books and they are currently in the catalogue of a number of major online book-selling sites, like the Amazon Kindle Store, and

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