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By W.E. Larson

Copyright 2012 W.E. Larson

Smashwords Edition


Smashwords Edition, License Notes

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Two gunmen held ten hostages, half of them kids. Blinds shielded every window, and infrared wasn’t in the playbook for this scenario. The officer would be going in alone without a clue about the positioning.

She used low-yield detonating cord to take down the door. Before the slab of metal hit the carpet, she put down both hostiles with two clean shots. Sure, we’d never let it go down this way in the real world, but I was still impressed. I had downloaded the scenario into their simulator immediately before they ran the HAB officer through it. This wasn't a scripted dog and pony show.

“One second to assess the situation and take the shots,” the sales rep said when the wall screen faded back to white. “What you don’t see are the calculations to eliminate any chance of hitting a hostage. You could give us a thousand variations and a bystander would never be harmed.”

I turned to see the officer take off its simulation goggles before exiting the hamster ball that let it move in the virtual world. Almost every police force had the same kind of training equipment.

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