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When she woke up six days later she was cognizant of her physical being and sight, sound, smell, and of her body in general. Her surprise at seeing the room was great, though, as it did not seem in keeping with her character as she thought it should be. It was small and smelled in a way that she could not clearly identify, she also determined that she wore pajamas, which Martin never wore to bed in his previous life.

Oh, what am I thinking, she thought, expecting this me to be an exact replica of my old self and my environment? I'd arrived here as a female, just as I'd been on Minos, but this is a different world and body from my old male one, with personal habits that are so dissimilar to those that used to be mine in the past. So I better observe it calmly and get used to it all.

Despite the joy that she felt at finally waking up and regaining her senses, Marty became perturbed when she realized that she was missing an extremely important element of truly being alive—physical control of this body, unlike her first experience when she woke up as a kentauride. Hard as she tried to move, her limbs did not respond nor could she turn her head to properly observe her surroundings. Heck, she thought, I better slow down and stop trying to rush things because I’m alive again, and I’m sure just as young as I’d hoped to be.

Then, after what she thought were five minutes, Marty’s duplicate in this reality let out a loud yawn and began the slow process of getting out of bed with her eyes closed so that she could see nothing of the room. She smiled when the woman began undressing and realized it was not pajamas but a nightgown. Well, she thought, I guess that confirms the fact that my duplicate is a female. No, a woman since she's human rather than a centaur.

The woman began moving with eyes still closed against the sunlight that streamed into the room, a movement that felt as if she were sleep-walking until she stopped suddenly and opened her eyes in front of a full-length mirror, in which the reflection of her body in this reality became visible and Marty gasped at the sight. It was not, as she had anticipated it would be, a small woman such as Nikki used to be, nor average sized, but unusually tall with a powerfully physique, with beautiful long blond hair, and quite a statuesque figure--nearly as large as Martin used to be and with facial features quite reminiscent of him. Jesus, she thought, now that I see her fully, can't be any doubt that she belongs to my ancestral family like even though she's a woman--both of which I really like.

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