This book is dedicated to Barb Rice:

Thanks for being a great friend and helping me through my editing crisis!

You're the best.

Hugs, E.

Author’s Note #1—Though I have tried to handle the subject sensitively, parts of this book may be disturbing to anyone who has experienced sexual abuse in the past.

Author’s Note #2—I've been threatening to write a YA book for ages and I finally have one almost ready to go. It's called The Academy and you can find a blurb and excerpt at the end of this book, after the epilogue. I am going to be writing my YA books under the name Emmaline Andrews, to avoid leading underage readers to my erotica books.

Author’s Note #3— No piracy, please guys. I make my living off these books and I keep the prices reasonable so you can afford to buy them rather than stealing them. If you keep buying, I can afford to keep writing and we're all happy campers. Thank you.

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