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The Girl With a Dick

By Pen Penguin

Copyright 2012 Pen Penguin

Smashwords Edition


My name is Elly. I'm a student alchemist living in a modern city. In my world, it's not uncommon for inexplicable things to happen out of the blue. So I tried not to be too alarmed when I woke up this morning, and found that my vagina had been replaced with a pair of balls and a rather meaty cock. There it was now, dangling there, waggling in time with my waist movements.­­­­

Other than that not-so-insignificant change, I was still the same girl. Same long blonde hair that flowed down to the small of my back, same buxom chest that accented my slim hour-glass figure. Really, the only thing that was different was this massive penis and testes planted right between my thighs. Suffice to say, I was not amused.

Who could've done something so ridiculous? An enemy? Someone who wanted to humiliate me? One person immediately came to mind. Allan, my sworn rival and arch-nemesis. A fellow student, and an admittedly handsome man, if not for the fact that he somehow felt the need to compete with (and beat) me every chance that he got. Now that I think about it, this must've been his doing. After all, the only thing that had been different about my schedule last night, was the inclusion of a visit from the perpetrator himself.

Allan had lulled me into a false sense of security, saying how we've known each other for such a long time, and how he'd like to be more than friends (though I don't think we ever were 'friends'. Just rivals). That said, I really had thought that he wanted to make a fresh start with me. It certainly helped that he was handsome, smart and hard-working, a combination that seems to be getting rarer to find in men these days.

...He sure got me good. It must've been that small jar of tea leaves that he left with me after bidding me goodnight. He said it was suppose to help me sleep, since I was a bit of an insomniac at times. Well, it seems like it did a lot more than just give me a good night's rest. Never trust an alchemist to handle stuff that goes in your mouth, or so the saying goes.

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