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A Record of Awakening

Practice and Insight on the Buddhist Path


Aloka David Smith

Smashwords Edition

Copyright David Smith 2012

What others say about this book

Amazing book - If you are of Buddhist leanings, this book is enlightening. It really gave me the felt-self of the awakening that so many have spoken of, including the Buddha. It is so personal and honest that reading it gave me hope. I highly recommend it to serious students of the Path.- Bruce Gibbs (California USA)

Inspirational - Record of Awakening is a book that I have often returned to since my first reading, several years ago. Always finding it inspiring. Many books give instruction upon practice, many give accounts of the heroic struggles of ancient masters. In this book I read the account of a living person, that seemed so ordinary, yet whom spoke of extraordinary spiritual matters; from his own direct, lived experience.... - D. Quirke (Ireland)

I think that this is one of the most useful and original books on Buddhism that I have read in a long time. The author is a matter-of-fact Englishman who has achieved great spiritual insight, and does about as much as anyone can to explain the inexplicable. He starts at the beginning of his own journey, and describes what he realized and how his realization grew as time went on. He does this in simple English, and then tries to show how it fits in with traditional Buddhist theory. This makes his work substantially different from most Buddhist literature, which, whether written by Asians or Westerners, which starts with the intellectual framework developed in another age and in another culture. - Highland (USA)

Great Little Book! A friend of mine studies dharma with David Smith, and pointed me in the direction of this book. It's a great read, from an extraordinary man who has actually done some amazing things in his life (would you give up all, and go to Sri Lanka to become a monk for several years - nope, me neither). However the whole book is humble and beautifully "plain" - by that I mean, David just says everything as it is. This book encouraged me to buy his second book, Dharma Mind Worldly Mind, and that book is a stunning read. Very inspirational, not instructional, just mind-awakening! Get them both - after writing this review I really need to read them both again. They will change the way you view your dharma practice that's for sure. I. Baxter (England)

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