The End

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First things first

This is the last part of a suite forming the book “A Flower To Life” I first published in 2011. I decided to make it available as a suite for several reasons. First, no publisher accepted to publish it as paperback, and one reason, apart from my “very bad English”, is that it is too long. The second point is a size problem; all publishing sites on the internet, except Amazon, are limited in file size, and my book is too big for them. These are the same justifications literary agents used to discard my work without reading it, too long, bad English, not fitting their market or what they like to read; I never got a criticism about content. In fact, after one year of trying, I’m sure nobody in the publishing industry ever read it. Now that you know how bad it is since experts judged it so while complaining they get nothing exceptional to read, I’ll talk about the killing point; I wanted the right to give free digital copies to whoever I wanted and no publishing company could accept that, even if I let them have all the profits they could manage to gain from selling it. It applies to Amazon too; no way would they distribute a book for free. So I separated the book as a suite to distribute it freely on Smashwords, while the book as a whole will be sold on Amazon. Finally, since the book is about starting a new reality on earth, it must cover a vast range of hard philosophical, spiritual, political and fundamental subjects, and separating my subjects as books will permit people to have a better idea of my work, not only from the first chapters. I’ll add that they’ll better understand the why of my style too; while some (I wonder who…) will argue about it, I believe I have chosen the fastest and best route to get my arguments read by a maximum of people. This last part is version 2014 and has been heavily reworked versus the 2012 version.

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