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To the great Creator who makes all things possible, I submit my most humble gratitude.

This book is dedicated to Angela Micik, and the volunteers at Murray County Humane Society. Tireless workers, their willingness to sacrifice and devote their lives to the needs of suffering and abandoned animals is a cause that I greatly admire.

Special thanks to Mike Angley, Special Agent OSI (USAF ret.). See his website (

I want to acknowledge the loving support of my husband, daughter, and son-in-law, the faithfulness of my sister, and to my fans ‘online’ and off.

My books are also in print and slowly coming to audio. This book, Catch Me If You Can, is now available in audio produced by Roger Rittner Productions and using some of Hollywood’s best voice actors/actresses.

Chapter 1

Jagged forks of red-hot lightning speared the midnight sky. Rain pelted her exposed face, choking her. Raising a leaden arm, she let it fall, all sensation gone. Debilitated, she surrendered to the ocean’s fury. Swept away into the night, she rode the crest of the mountainous waves, hardly aware when a firm hand grasped her forearm. Dimly, she glimpsed the outline of a man bending over her. The rough texture of a soaked jacket scratched her cheek as he shielded her to his chest. Shrieking wind slapped sodden strands of hair across her eyes. Unable to see, unable to resist, she allowed the world to go dark.

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