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Grandma’s Losing Weight Tips

Copyright 2012 by Linda C Everett

Smashwords Edition

Over the past six decades, Grandma has seen, heard about and tried a multitude of diet programs. The Stillman Water Diet, Richard Simmons - Live-It, Susan Powter-Stop the Insanity, Weight Watchers and more “lose weight diet” plans have indeed helped millions of people. At the same time, millions more have been frustrated by their own lack of progress. Sometimes, the diets boomerang into reverse, with resultant weight gain instead of loss. It’s a conundrum; what actually works and for whom? The answer is never simple, nor clear. The basics are clear: you lose weight by burning more calories than you take in. Extra calories are stored as fat. Lose weight by reducing your caloric intake below your activity levels or increase your activity levels to the point where you burn more calories than you take in as food.

Most people who need to lose weight have a ton of knowledge already about losing weight, they are well aware of how much weight they want to lose and they have heard how being overweight can be a danger. They have tried dozens of different diet plans, joined gyms and participated in various group efforts to control their weight, but they still have not been able to take of the excess poundage satisfactorily. Sadly, fad diets do not last; you may lose now but ultimately most people will regain that lost weight and more. Many fad diets are also highly unhealthy or even dangerous.

This eBook is dedicated to those hearty persons who want to try yet again to embark upon the grand desire to take off those stubborn pounds and actually succeed this time. It has been proven that losing weight is possible; keeping it off is the hard part! Always remember before starting any weight loss plan that you should consult your personal physician first. This is important because you may need some blood or other tests done, such as a thyroid test, to see if you might need medication to help solve the problem. These weight loss tips are guidelines only and not medical advice.

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