Across the Stars


Anne Spackman

Smashwords Edition

Copyright © 2012 by Anne Spackman

All Rights Reserved.

Cover Art by Boris Rasin

Chapter One

The aliens were here already.

And a battle for the Earth of 3084 had been waging for fifteen years.

The aliens were Orians, from a planet far away in the Rigell system, near the belt of Orion known as the Osiris Stars. A gray-skinned humanoid race, the Orians had begun an assault of the Earth, trying to recapture an ancient starship called the Selesta. The Orians’ purpose in coming to the Sol system remained unknown to the Earth.

The Earth space fleet had recently attacked the Orians out at Pluto where their great spaceship Enlil was. For a moment, the Earth assault squadrons thought they had destroyed the alien vessel. But then, as the blaze surrounding the Orian’s ship ceased in the vacuum of space, the alien ship remained in tact, with a great gaping hole in the side. Somehow, the Orians had survived…

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