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I'm a landlord. I say it with pride. Many of you may think this is a hum-drum job, but I'd rather do this than any other job in the world. Why? The people. You might call me a people-watcher, though I personally dislike the term; and I gain a unique perspective of those who rent from me. I see more of their lives than you might realize. For this reason - my love of humanity's variety- I lease all types of property, from government subsidized housing for the very poor to expensive, posh apartments in uptown New York City. This is also the reason I live on my properties. Not just the best, but the worst, too, rotating through them as the whim hits me.

Whether my tenants pay through the nose, or through the seams of taxpayer's pockets, you might be surprised at how similar most of their tragedies and triumphs are. Truly, it strikes me that the unique stories, those worth watching, the ones that stand out from the norm, are not made so by socioeconomic status or any of those other terms tossed about by people with causes to fund; rather, they are reflections of the unique beings we share our streets - and in some cases, the very building we call home - with.

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