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Chapter 2 – There is something important, but very little known about modern Tatars.

Chapter 3 - Data from a true history of Tatars: what did Tatars of the past inform about themselves? Also what their contemporaries informed on Tatars of the past?

Chapter 4 - Origins of Great Tartaria (Tataria). Allies and opponents of the Tartars. The Great Yasa (Yazu) - the first Constitution of Eurasia.

Chapter 5 - The Kimak Kaganate and Bulgar Khanate were a basis of the Golden Horde.

Chapter 6 - When Tatars started to profess Islam and Christianity.

Chapter 7 - “Battle of the Ice”: an episode of the Crusade against “Russian, Tatars and komans".

Chapter 8 - Who was defeated by Dimitri Donskoi on a Kulikovo field? What had been named "attack of khan Toktamysh on Moscow?”.

Chapter 9 - “The Kazan history” and “Period of Ivan the Terrible”. “Definitive victory over Tatars in XVI century” is a Fundamental lie of Romanovs historians.

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