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Chapter 10 - “Time of Troubles” in Moscovia - what was that. Volunteer army, led Kuzma Minin and prince Dmitry Pozharsky from Tataria.

Chapter 11 - Double-headed eagle is a Tatar symbol on the arms of Russia.

Chapter 12 - Catholic penetration into Moscowia and the accession of Romanovs. Ideology - Political diversion against the Great Horde and a nonclassical conquest of Tataria.

Chapter 13 - Some of Tatar toponyms of Eurasia.

Annexes (maps and illustrations).



Dear readers! This small, but capacious book is a short brief of a real History of Tatars. It based on my previous historical works in the History of Tatars, my native nation. So I would like to inform you about my researching work on the very little known History of Tatars. It should be said, that I had written my work as a private researcher. After researching historiography during quite a few years, I’ve derived some valuable conclusions about the real History of Tatars, I guess.

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