1. Have a break, take a trip

Room 306, deck 3. Not too spacious but all necessities are there. It is Ensign Casparian’s quarters. In her own words ‘nice and cosy’.

She was standing in front of a small mirror, combing her long dark brown hair, when a message appeared on her computer pad screen. She went over to the table and read it.

It said there would be a change in schedule for the coming weeks. Because there would be a big overhaul of the three docking pylons in a few weeks, the engineers were given one week off before the busy period. Romyana was part of the first group to have a week free of duty. Of course she was pleased but had no idea how to spend all this time.

She went out to the restaurant on the promenade, where she met up with some of her colleagues. They were full of ideas what to do. Some went to visit their family or took a vacation in a nearby solar system. One of them even said he would stay at Quarks all week to win big time in Dabo games. But Romyana didn’t feel much for this, neither to go on some tourist vacation. Nor could she visit mom and dad because they would be too busy with their work.

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