His Roman Master 2:

The Punishment

Published by Lyra Brooks at Smashwords

Copyright 2012 Lyra Brooks

Barely three weeks after the tall, dark haired Septimus had kidnapped a young Mesopotamian slave, his legion had met up with the large force of the invading Roman army. They were close to the capitol now and the many legions prepared for the upcoming battle. If they won and he had every reason to believe that they would, it would be a great victory for Rome. These lands were fertile and situated on valuable trade routes; this made them most appealing to the Emperor and he wanted them under Roman rule.

Laliya had acclimated rather well to life as a personal slave to a legion commander, astonishingly well, in fact. He had expected the boy to continue to be somewhat obstinate about being taken from his family but the slave seemed to have accepted this as his lot in life. As the younger man had explained to him carefully on more than one occasion, “Dominus, I had no future at home. At least with you I will not lead a lonely and boring life.”

It was all true, of course. An untrained, free Eunuch who lacked even the most basic ability to read and write was useless to his family beyond providing manual labor. He couldn't fulfill his manly duty to marry or produce children to continue his family's name. Even worse for Laliya, he clearly did not desire women in the least. Even if he were to find himself a barren woman to take as a wife, he had no desire to do so. While homosexuality may be accepted in wealthy nobles and their pleasure slaves, it was not looked on favorably by most common citizens.

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