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Talking to Yama


Linda Jordan

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~Talking to Yama

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Talking to Yama

The humidity hit Reilly Wong like a wave of water as she walked quickly down the transport ramp and into the tunnel. The humidity had to be piped into the system. One last gasp of moisture before people were slapped in the face with desert. The scent of sanshay filled the air, smelling like a combination of sandalwood and roses.

Surprising that it couldn’t be filtered out of the air, but she supposed that’s why she needed the nalos.

Her gold chrome gilt pinged with a new message from Fidelity. It was from her micro-managing supervisor, warning her once again that Paradiso Mining Company would probably have someone looking for her. Which was why she’d decided to get the new gilt before leaving Earth and not later in the year.

She had to shave her head for the installation, so now her hair was only an inch long. She liked the way this new gilt curved and spiraled around her head. All of PMC’s data on her would be old and show her with long hair. She didn’t think they’d use facial recognition. Their technology was prehistoric in all areas except mining and finances. And she’d get to the bottom of those. She’d find more evidence that the bastards were hiding something, something big.

She wove through the couples, threesomes and other clumps of passengers on her way to the terminal. Reilly fanned herself with the antiquated paper passport and entered the spacious building. Warm, rosy-peach walls edged with gold and anchored by yellow-ochre tiles contrasted with the cool air. She would have used blues and greens to decorate the terminal.

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