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A Novel


Margaret Donnelly

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Smashwords Edition


Margaret Donnelly

The Path of Lord Jaguar

Copyright © 2009 by Margaret Donnelly


Òrúnmìlà and Òsun,

John and Veronica


My deepest gratitude is for Jesse James Arnold for guiding me through the African American history of Dallas, Texas, and for sharing his library and oral history on the subject.

Chapter 1

As she had done since her arrival, Kémi looked out the second-story window of the servants’ quarters and, seeing and hearing no sign of life, knelt down on a floor mat. Once her forehead touched the mat under her knees, her mind honored the four corners of the universe. Within seconds, she found herself in a womb of total blackness, blacker than the color of her African skin. It was an imaginary sanctuary outside of all physical boundaries, a divine cellar in which all of the complexities of her universe were nestled. Though she did not understand them, she trusted and absorbed their hugeness until loving jolts of energy washed her body.

The energy took her to the river groves of her hometown in Nigeria. Once her mind visited the groves, a forgotten memory suddenly spoke to her. On a riverbank, tree roots bathed in a transcendental light pumped energy into neighboring roots. The area was a nature-driven power station that turned these roots into umbilical cords that fed another riverbank near the ancestral whirlpool of her family.

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