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Syria—A Decade of Lost Chances

Repression and Revolution from Damascus Spring to Arab Spring

Carsten Wieland

© Carsten Wieland 2012

Published by Cune Press at Smashwords

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Syria Cross Road

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Comment on Syria - A Decade of Lost Chances

“Carsten Wieland plumbs the contradictions of contemporary Syrian life and politics. He was among the first Westerners... in the early years of Bashar’s presidency... to interview Syrian opposition members as well as government officials. He explored the reasons that many young Syrians had such high expectations of their young president even as so many reviled the government and the Baath Party for its corruption and repression. Their expectations, we now know, were dashed. Wieland is even-handed and measured; he knows Arabic and has lived in Syria for years. Better yet, he listens. Syria - A Decade of Lost Chances is timely and important. Everyone interested in Syria should read this book.”

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