The Erotic Scriptures: David and Jonathan

Copyright 2012 by Evelyne Crimson

Jonathan swirled his finely woven cloak around his shoulders and deftly clamped the golden clasp shut at his throat with one hand. He stood for a moment in his tent and smiled as he smoothed his clothes over his firm, muscular body. For a while, he'd thought his father, King Saul, was going insane. War took its toll on everyone. However, the latest messenger from the front lines had reported that a young, pastoral harpist had not only calmed Saul with music, but proved to be a surprisingly grand warrior who had single-handedly defeated the leader of the Philistine army. Jonathan had to admit that he'd worried about the safety of his father's kingdom, but at last, his father seemed to be in Yahweh's favor. It was a good time to be the prince of Israel.

A great cheer suddenly erupted from the courtyard, the noise floating across the war camp and into Jonathan's richly decorated tent. Running footsteps pattering along the dirt path outside grew louder and louder until a servant flung aside the cloth over Jonathan's door and bowed hurriedly.

“My lord! The king, your father, has returned from his glorious victory against the Philistines!”

Jonathan quickly followed the servant outside, and found himself running to the central, usually empty space in the middle of the camp that served as a public courtyard for the army. Men were yelling and women were dashing from their tents with jars of celebratory wine. Jonathan felt a hand touch his sleeve, and turned to see his older sister, Merob, smile briefly at him before disappearing into the crowd to search for their father.

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