From A Guys View

By Douglas Smith

Copyright 2012 by Douglas Smith

All rights reserved

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From A Guys View

This one is for the ladies that constantly ask “Why are men such assholes.” Imagine for a moment if you will that you’re a guy. You are setting at a nice restaurant with your girl, it’s your anniversary and you wanted to take her someplace special to celebrate. Suddenly you see the discontented frown and you know what’s coming next. Mentally you brace yourself and she makes her first cutting comment for the night, possibly about some other woman’s dress, possibly about the fact that the food is taking too long. But of course it won’t end there, it never does. The night drags on, and every mistake you have ever made in your entire life seems to come up, again! All you wanted to do was take the woman you have spent all this time with out for a nice meal. You wanted to see her smile again, but all she ever does anymore is bitch and moan about something.

You love her, you care about her, but you just can’t take it anymore. It’s like nothing you do is good enough, you can’t please her regardless of what you do. Quietly you finish out the evening and drive her home, all the while battling with these thoughts. Because no matter how much she complains you still love her, you still care about her. Then, as you pull up to her house and in the cold glare of the street lamp you see the emptiness in her eye’s that was at one time filled with life and joy, and you know what you have to do.

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