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Legions Of Anubis

Steve Kirby

Copyright Steve Kirby 2012

Published at Smashwords.


The Legions of Anubis.


Chapter 1

La Trinite – de – Raville Normandy France:

The night was cool and the air heavy with a damp musty smell, cloud filled the night sky obliterating the full moon, the late evening rain had left the ground soft, walking on it made no sound.

Far away in the distance the lazy sound of an owl calling for its mate drifted through the woods, this should have been a night for peace but it was soon to be shattered.

The six figures clad in black armed with handguns and baseball bats emerged from the woods at the rear of the farm buildings.

They moved silently towards the outbuildings, the small door at the back of the large barn was slightly open and a dim light was visible inside.

The figures pressed themselves against the damp stone wall and listened.

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